Dr. Deepak Ekka*, Dubey Swati, Shrivas Sandeep, Khichariya S.D., Dhruw D.S. and Karbhal K.S.


Diabetes-mellitus is a hetrogenous metabolic disorder As per WHO charactrised by common feature of chronic hyperglycemia with disturbance of carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism. The prevalence of diabetes among adult over 18 years of age has risen from 4.7% in 1980 & 8.5% in 2014, its raising rapidly in Middle age group and low income countries. DM is a leading couse of morbidity and mortility the world over, especially type-2 DM, due to rising incidence of obesity and reduced activity levels. DM is expected to continues as a major health problem owing to its serious complication like end stage renal disease, IHD, gangrene of the lower extremities and blindness in the adult. In ayurveda DM is very well correlated with MADHUMEHA. Acharya Charak mentioned Madhumeh under the Ojomeha which is type of Vataj Prameh in (Chrak nidan 4/40) & (Charak chikitsa 6/11). Madhumeha is the medo-vaha srotas dustigat vyadhi, the lipid tissue is located in the body in various form Medo-vaha srotas can be considered as all the tissue which is transport the medo-dhatu, may be adipose tissue or a lipid. Medovah-srotomula mentioned by Charak as Vrikka-vapavahan and Shushrut as Kati-vrikka, In both text-book vrikka is a common facter its chief function is mostely concerned with elimination of metabolic end product may be because they are formed by the Prasad bhaga of Rakta & Medas, since these are formed out of medas, they also do the pusti of medas and equilibrium of the body. Kati is also filled with fat but Vapavahana is nothing but it is tail-vartika and snigha-vartika mentioned by chkrapani Dutta. Asnadi Gana which has 23 drug mentioned by acharya Vaghbhatta (Ast,Hr. 15/20) play very important role in Madhumeha as well its complications mentioned in (Charak nid 4/48) & (Shus. Nid. 6/15) too. Out of 23 drug 41.66% drug is Kashay-rasa Pradhan, 33.33% is Tikta rasa, 47.22% is Laghu guna, 44.44% is Ruksh, 100% drug is Katu and 63% dravya is Kaphpitta shamak. It has properties like Mutra sangrahniya due to kashay ras, Dahprashman, kusthaghn, kandughn, Vranropan, Sphotaghn, Pandu, Pramehaghn, Madhumehhar, & Vranshodhan. Due to above all properties very helpful to treat the disease. Aim of the study is to know the effect of Asnadi Gana in Madhumeha.

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