Oladipo G.S., Onyeleonu I.*, Amadi P.N., Francis D.A.U. and Epelle M.I.


The aim of this study is to determine and document the mean external ear dimensions of adult Ijaws in Rivers and Bayelsa states of Nigeria. A total of 228 subjects comprising 148 subjects from Rivers State divided into 77 females and 71 males, and 80 subjects from Bayelsa State divided into 40 females and 40 males. A cross-sectional survey method with a quota sampling technique was adopted while the subjects were randomly selected from the study areas. It was ensured that selected subjects were not biracial or hybrid, had no history of previous ear surgery and were not heavy earing users. Statistical analysis was done using IBM SPSS (statistical package for the social sciences) version 23. Paired samples t-test was used to compare the mean of the right and left ear of a given sex. Results obtained were as follows: for the Rivers subjects, mean EL (R=55.38 3.73, L=55.22 3.89)mm, EW (R=26.75 5.99, L=26.99 2.62)mm, LL (R=16.42 1.58, L=17.31 1.45)mm, LW (R=13.09 2.07, L=14.41. 2.77)mm EI (R=48.44 10.64, L=49.16 6.10)mm LI (R=80.48 14.85, L=26.15 5.36)mm for the males. Whereas for the female, EL (R=55.39 54.52 4.31)mm, EW (R=25.99 2.60, L=25.81 3.94)mm, LL (R=16.33 1.93, L=16.66 1.33)mm, LW(R=12.55 1.99, L=13.94 2.22)mm, EI (R=47.22 5.87 L=48.24 5.62)mm, LI (R=77.41 12.77, L=25.31 4.39)mm. For the Bayelsa subjects, EL (R=54.35 4.12, L=53.86 6.87)mm, EW (R=25.81 2.46, L=25.35)mm, LL (R=16.99 1.46, L=16.06 )mm, LW (R=15.76 19.06, L=14.17 2.28)mm, EI (R=47.70 5.35, L=47.98 9.52)mm, LI (R=137.38 96.92, L=86.43 18.56)mm for the males whereas for the females, EL (R=56.65 5.05, L=55.61 5.46)mm, EW (R=26.03 3.09, L=25.32 3.34)mm, LL(R=16.27 1.54, L=16.07 1.74)mm, LW (R=12.96 2.32, L=13.84 2.37)mm, EI (R=46.31 6.77, L=45.95 7.80)mm and LI (R=80.31 16.17,L=86.63 15.35)mm. On comparison, Left Ear Width was found to be higher in Bayelsa males. This difference was statistically significant (ρ=0.00). Among the Rivers subjects, the right ear length and lobular length were higher in males. This difference was statistically significant (ρ=0.00). Ethnic variation was observed in left lobular length of females with mean value of the Rivers subjects being higher while for the males, ethnic variation was observed as Left Ear Width, Left Lobular Length and Left Lobular Index were found to be higher in Rivers males. This study will be useful in forensic human identification, surgery and product design.

Keywords: Measurement, External, Ear Dimension, Ijaws, Rivers, Bayelsa.

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