Praveen Kumar Singh*, Navneet Sinha, Vijay Pratap Singh, Rajnish Kumar, Sunil Kumar and
Shivadhar Sharma


Complexes of Co(II) and Ni(II) with N-furfurylidineacetamide (NFA) are formulated as ML2X2 where M = Co(II) & Ni(II) while X2 = Cl2, Br2 and I2. The ligand is found to behave as neutral bidentate coordinating through azomethine nitrogen and endocyclic oxygen of furan ring to the metal ion forming a five membered chelate ring. The electrical conductivity data of complexes reveal their non electrolytic nature. The magnetic moment value of Co(II) complexes 4.92–5.00 BM which are much greater thanspin value i.e., 3.87 BM but slightly less than that expected from spin orbit coupling at room temperature. The eff values of Ni(II) complexes are in the range of 3.04 t 3.14 BM. The three bands appearing in the electronic spectra of Co(II) complexes are assigned to4T1g(F) 4T2g(F),4 T1g(F) 4A2g(F) and 4 T1g(F)  4T1g(P) transitions in octahedral crystal field. The crystal field parameters values of Co(II) complexes like 10Dq = 10,004–10321 cm–1, B = 796.96–814.7 cm–1. 35  0.82–0.83,  = 11–18% are indicative of slightly distorted octahedral geometry around Co (II) in these complexes. Ni(II) complexes displays five bands in their electronic spectra showing tetragonal distortion in their octahedral symmetry. The tetragonal distortion parameters Dt and Ds are found 308.5 to 422 cm–1 and 323 to 454.5 cm–1 respectively. Thus the order of distorting capacity is found as I Br Cl.

Keywords: N-furfurylidine acetamide, distorted Octahedral & Distorted tetragonal complexes.

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